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World in a Shell

The World in a Shell
NAI and V2_, Rotterdam 2010
Blindpainters foundation, Hans Kalliwoda

The World in a Shell is a long term project combining modern art with durable technology and the concept of modern nomadism and the importance and knowledge of the still existing nomadic cultures. The project strated at the TU Delft in 2001 as the Polliniferoused Container and should travel around the world. PR, production, texts, research and concept development Fred Gales.


Situationist adrift

Situationist adrift
Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands 14-12-2006/11-03-2007
Imaginary Museum Projects, Tjebbe van Tijen

The installation shows collections by and about fifteen people that were either involved with the Situationists or had an affinity to situationist ideas. Hundreds of photographs have been taken by Pieter Boersma in their homes and workshops, in archives and libraries - especially the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. These pictures formed the basis for 21 visual stories. Many digital scans were made as well, of posters, leaflets, books, pamphlets and periodicals; personal photographs and correspondence have also been included. Fred Gales searched for related audio materials in historical and private archives. A multitude of personal associations with situationist practice and thought is represented by the installation: "Situationist adrift."

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Digital Papua

Digital Papua
Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, 2003
Soundreporters. Fred Gales, Tjebbe van Tijen

Permanent display contextualizing music instruments and vocal styles from West Papua integrating the object, image, and library collections from the Tropenmuseum with unpublished audio recordings from the area.

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Leeuwarden, Krakow, 2000
Blindpainters Foundation, Hans Kalliwoda

Modern art exhibition in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands and the European Cultural capital of the year Krakow in Poland. Final part of the long running Europartrain project with earlier exhibitions in Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and the Netherlands between 1997 and 1999. A catalogue was published.
Production, PR, sponsoring, texts Fred Gales



True source of religion

The true source of religion
Berliner Festspiele, 2000
Imaginary Museum Projects, Tjebbe van Tijen, Fred Gales

A design for an installation for the Berliner Festspiele exhibition "Seven Hills - Images and Signs of the 21st Century" dedicated to the source of religion and the world of legends and myths that is the human reality. Not realised due to budgetary problems of the Berliner Festspiele.

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Neo Shamanism

Neo-Shamanism, sixteen ways of the shaman
Tropenmusem, Amsterdam, Netherlands and the Inter Communication Center of the NTT in Tokyo, Japan.1997-1998
Imaginary Museum Projects, Tjebbe van Tijen, Fred Gales

Installation dedicated to shamanism, myths of origin and communication systems experimenting with new human-IT interfaces using drums, stones and a shell to inititiate a story sequence.

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Experimental Archeology

Experimental Archeology
Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, 1996
Sound Reporters, Walter Maioli, Fred Gales, Frans Evers, Etto Krijger

Two days of lectures and concerts on the reconstruction of prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek and Roman music at the Allard Pierson Museum of Archeology and the ancient civilizations.

Orbis Pictus

Orbis Pictus Revised
ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany and Theatrum Anatomicum, De Waag, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1995-1996
Imaginary Museum Projects, Tjebbe van Tijen and Milos Vojtechovsky

Interactive installation based on the multi-language picture book "Orbis Sensualium Pictus" (the world explained in pictures) by the Czech scholar Jan Amos Kamensky (Comenius). Research and sound Fred Gales.

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Havensteden en Letterkunde

Port cities and Literature
Open Haven Museum, Stichting Water & Cultuur, 1990
Fred Gales, Etto Krijger

An exhibition on port cities and Dutch literature from the era of the steamships. With unique documents and pictures of seafaring poets and writers, the ships and companies they traveeld with and the port cities they encountered around the world. The exhibition was held in the Open Harbour Museum, now defunct but at the time it was located in the Eastern harbour area of Amsterdam in the prestigious former passenger lounge of the KNSM shipping company from where many of the ships left.

The imaginary museum of revolution

The Imaginary Museum of Revolution
Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria, 1988-1991
Imaginary Museum Projects, Tjebbe van Tijen, Jeffrey Shaw

Exhibition for the 200 years anniversary of the French Revolution using minitiature statues and monuments as an interface to tell the story in image and sound of the 200 revolutions that followed the French revolution. Sound Fred Gales.

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Sint Antoniesbreestraat

A street that can be read as a book. Halophonic installation of the Sint Antoniesbreestraat.
Sint Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam 1988
Bewonersraad Nieuwmarkt, Tjebbe van Tijen

An audiovisual installation using large scale image projection and sound to recreate 4 centuries of history and the psycho-geography of an old Amsterdam street.
Sound Fred Gales.

Natural Art Laboratory

Natural Art Laboratoy
Morimondo, Italy 1987-1988
Walter Maioli, Sabino Ventura, Fred Gales, Etto Krijger, Frans Evers

Exhibition, lectures and performances on Art, Nature and Music, on how the inherent qualities of form, shape, structure and sound possibilities of 'natural' objects and beings have defined and inspired human expressions and creativity.

Indians and other indigenous nations

Indians and other indigeneous nations.
University theatre Amsterdam, 1987

This festival was organised at the occasion of the handing over of the archive of the Fourth Russel Tribunal to the University Library of Amsterdam with performances of Sampari, Yamore and Antonio Zepeda, lectures and discussion. Produced by Tjebbe van Tijen, Fred Gales and Walter Maioli.


A radiophonic installation of the stopera
Tjebbe van Tijen, Fred Gales, 1986

A live, improvised sound installation at the occasion of the official inauguration of the Amsterdam Opera building fusing the sounds of the construction of the building with sounds of the opening, the contemporary demonstration and riots, the police, radio, messages of the neighbours, music and sounds known for their ability to crumble walls. The ultimate action-art.

Het IJ geopend

‘Het IJ geopend, de binnenstad gedicht’
Gran Vista gebouw, Amsterdam, 1986
Tjebbe van Tijen

Exhibition on 25 year of urban change and planning in the center of Amsterdam with extensive use of oral history, private collections and the city archive. Sound Fred Gales.

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Stille Zuidzee

Stille Zuidzee - Pacific
Einde van de Wereld, Amsterdam 1986
Soundreporters, Fred Gales, Walter Maioli

Two day film and music festival dedicated to the Pacific with a concert by the Papua dance and music group Sampari, historical and recent documentaries about the region many shown for the first time in the Netherlands with among others Pacific paradise in pain by Otto Schuurman and the 1931 fiction movie Tabu of director F.W. Murnau


Kunst en Rite

Art and Rites, Shamanism
End of the World, Amsterdam, 1985
Sound Reporters, Fred Gales, Walter Maioli

Two day film and music festival with an art exhibition dedicated to Art, Rites and Shamanism. First ever ethnographic film festival in the Netherlands with concerts by Black Horse and Sonorous Origins (Walter Maioli, Tim Zwemmer, Frank van Bommel) and artworks by Harry van Essen, Jaques Kriek, Michaela Machiavelli, Pit Piccinelli and Liesje Smolders.