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Below a chronologically sorted overview of CD's, Cassettes, Video's and Movies Sound Reporters published, produced, distributed or was otherwise involved with. For availability please look at our audio catalogue in pdf.


The discovery of sound

The Discovery of Sound
IMS - Bake society, forthcoming

The CD that accompanies the book with the same title on the colonial music heritage in Dutch audio archives with a selection of historical recordings from Suriname, West Papua and Indonesia. Selection, mastering, texts, and production Fred Gales and Rein Spoorman.


Sound Reporters, forthcoming

Recordings from the Lahu who are living scattered across the highlands of continental South East Asia in Burma, China, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.Recordings, texts, pictures and production Fred Gales.

Laos 1

Laos 1
Sound Reporters, forthcoming

Recordings of the many different music cultures of Laos. In volume one can listen to songs, tunes, ballads and dance music from the Khammu, Lamet, Lenten, Hmong, Thai Dam, Phuan, Lue, Yao and Akha. Recordings, texts, pictures and production Fred Gales.

Theravada Buddhist recitations and songs

Theravada Buddhist Recitations and Songs
Sound Reporters, forthcoming

A compilation of recitations, rituals and songs performed in the context of or dedicated to Thervada Buddhist practices and beliefs in the Thai speaking speaking part of South-East Asia recordings from Thailand, Laos, the Shan states in Burma and Sipsongpanna in southern China of among others the impressive recitation of the Phra Wessandon cycle in Northern Thailand, Buddhist Moo Lam from Isan, impressions of temple fairs and processions and popular songs about famous monks and Buddhist teachings. An E-Publication with extensive liner notes and pictures. Recordings, texts, pictures and production Fred Gales.


If rivers could talk. The Mekhong
Hof Fimprodukties, Boeddhistische Omroep Stichting, 2011
Rob Hof

Two sequels in a large serie on people and rivers on the Mekhong shot in Laos and Cambodja. Originally the plan was to follow the entire course of the river from its origins in Tibet through China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodja and Vietnam. Research Fred Gales.


Dema - Music from the Marind Anim
The Verschueren collection 1962
Anthology of music from West Papua #2 
RMP 4018, 2008

The once famous and notorious Marind Anim culture with its secret initiations, colourfull Dema spirit processions and ritualized head hunting had already publicly disappeared in the 1930’s due to colonisation and missionary activities. In 1962 Father Jan Verschueren tried to recording as much as still possible of the music once accompanying the Dema processions and rituals which once formed the highlights of  traditional Marind Anim culture. Having lived there since 1931 and speaking the language fluently, the Marind Anim trusted him and allowed him to record these secret songs.Additionally there is a wax cylinder recording Verschueren made in 1933. The text of the accompanying 20 page booklet is based on the notebooks and publications of Jan Verschueren and is illustrated with rare historical pictures. Selection, research, images, liner notes Fred Gales

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  Fieldrecordings of Dutch ethnomusicologists

Fieldrecordings of Dutch Ethnomusicologists 1938-2000
Bake Society AB9103, 2003

A collection of recordings made by Dutch ethnomusicologists and members of the Bake society around the world. From Sound Reporters the CD includes a rare recording of the main Thai Lue narrative song genre Kap Lue with two pii (single tube free reed instruments) recorded in Laos near Luang Prabang. The CD is accompanied by a booklet with extensive notes.

  Muo reme

Muo remé - Dance of the Cassowary
The Anceaux collection 1954-1961
Anthology of music from West Papua #1 
KIT - Pan records 4013, 2002

A representative selection of the recordings the Dutch linguist J.C. Anceaux made in West Papua between 1954 and 1961. The recordings on the CD are from the northern coastal area of West Papua and are the first ever published recordings from this region. The CD is accompanied by a booklet with extensive notes. Selection, research, images, liner notes Fred Gales. Production Rein Spoorman.

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rythm a dance in time

Rhythm a dance in time
KIT - Pan records 037, 2001

The CD accompanies the book 'Rhythm a dance in time' and contains a selection of recordings from the archives of the Royal Tropical Institute illustrating the different chapters of this book. Selection, mastering, liner notes Fred Gales.

Chang Saw

Chang Saw. Village music of Northern Thailand                              Pan records 2075CD, 2000

A CD of the Ensemble Si Nuan Thung Pong from Northern Thailand performing the local traditional genre Saw, a narrative alternating song style that is accompanied by three pii (free reed instrument) players, one süng (lute) player and one saw (fiddle) player. The first time this type of music has been published outside Thailand. The CD is accompanied by a booklet with extensive notes. Recordings, mastering, liner notes, photography Fred Gales.

Brass unbound

Brass Unbound. Secret children of the colonial brass band
KIT Pan records 033, 1999

A collection of Brass Band recordings worldwide accompanying the book Brass Unbound. It contains the Sound Reporters recording Nang Saw Suraa by the brass band Kana Num Sayaam of the village Huay Ta Pian Toong near Sri Satchanalai in Central Thailand, published earlieron the CD Lanna Thai as well as a number of recordings published earlier on the CD's Frozen Brass Asia and Frozen Brass Africa & Latin America. Recordings by Rob Boonzajer Flaes, Miranda van der Spek, Fred Gales (Thailand)

Lanna Thai

Lanna Thai. Instrumental music of North-West Thailand
Pan Records 2045CD, 1997

A collection of instrumental tracks from North-West Thailand giving an overview of the different musical styles of the Kon Muang or the Lanna Thai, the local Chinese and of the so called Hill Tribes, the Hmong, Lahu, Lisu, Kayah and Paoh. The CD is accompanied by a booklet with extensive notes. Recordings, mastering, liner notes, photography Fred Gales.


Eboka: baAka songs & ceremonies from the African rainforest     Sound Reporters, SR 1001CD, 1997

Unique recordings of the music of the baAka in the Central African republic made by Louis Sarno who has been living with these people for several decades. The recordings vary from hunting music, polyphonic singing, dance music, harp and zither songs to a extremely rare recording of the ground bow. The CD is accompanied by a booklet with extensive notes. Production Fred Gales & Etto Krijger, liner notes, mastering Fred Gales, photography Louis Sarno.

Maan Mongkhon

Maan Mongkhon
Pan records 2049 CD, 1997

Thai classical and court music performed by the Thai Music Circle. Production, liner notes Fred Gales.

Rhythm tracks

Rhythm tracks
Pan Glossary #3
Pan records 2000C CD, 1997

A compilation CD of rhythmic music released by Pan records including the frog drum track Makoto earlier published on the CD Karenni.

Amsterdam global village

Amsterdam Global Village
Pieter van Huystee Film & TV
Johan van der Keuken

An epic documentary of four hours on the city of Amsterdam, globalisation, the multi-cultural society and the often separate private worlds of the inhabitants of the city each only covering a specific psycho-geographical part of the town with the invisible threads connecting them with other places and people. Research and text writing for synopsis and script Fred Gales.


Karenni. Music from the border areas of Thailand and Burma
Pan records 2040CD, 1994

The music on this CD is representative for the different ethnic cultures of Kayah state in Burma varying from an unique recording of a bronze frog drum, a bamboo cither, a new year ritual till the country music of the 'long neck' Padaung. The recordings were made in Kayah state and in the Karenni refugee camps in Thailand. The documentary 'Welcome to Karenni' was part of the same project. Recordings, photography, liner notes Fred Gales.

Frozen Brass Africa

Frozen Brass. Africa & Latin America                                              
Leiden: Pan records 2026CD, 1993

The second CD of the Frozen Brass project of Rob Boonzajer Flaes with a selection of field and historical recordings of unique but overseen Brass band traditions in Africa and Latin America. In the documentary 'Brass Unbound' of Johan van der Keuken and Rob Boonzaaijer Flaes one can see a number of the musicians represented on this CD.
Recordings by Boonzajer Flaes (Ghana, Surinam), Miranda van der Spek (Bolivia, Peru), and a historical recording from Ghana, courtesy John Collins. Selection, liner notes Fred Gales

Frozen brass Asia

Frozen Brass. Asia                                         
Pan records 2020CD, 1993

The second CD of the Frozen Brass project of Rob Boonzajer Flaes with a selection of field and historical recordings of unique but overseen Brass band traditions in Asia. In the documentary 'Brass Unbound' of Johan van der Keuken and Rob Boonzaaijer Flaes one can see a number of the musicians represented on this CD. Recordings by Boonzajer Flaes (Nepal, India, Indonesia, Philippines), Ernst Heins (Indonesia) and historical recordings from G. Hobbel. (Moluccas in Indonesia). Selection, liner notes Fred Gales

Brass Unbound

Brass Unbound - Bewogen Koper
IDTV 1993
Johan van der Keuken, Rob Boonzaajer Flaes

Feature length documentary movie on the global spread and transformation of the colonial and missionary Brass Bands into new local traditions.
Research Fred Gales

West Papua

West Papua
Sound Reporters, 1990

A cassette with historical recordings from West Papua and traditional and protest songs performed by Sampari and Pa and Ma Tompoh, Papua refugees in the Netherlands. Recording, mastering, liner notes and production Fred Gales.


Vogels van de Oeverlanden
Sound Reporters, 1989

A cassette with an extensive booklet documenting the different birds and their sounds which are living in a small forested and shrub area on the banks of a lake at the edge of Amsterdam. The recordings were made by the biologist Hans Fuchs who also wrote the booklet. Mastering Fred Gales.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth
Europe against the current, 1989

A cassette with an extensive booklet and original art work documenting the Czechoslovakian avant-garde and underground art and music movement of the period as well as the folk music of the country. The cassette and booklet were produced by Fred Gales in collaboration with Milos Vojtechovsky and Eef Vermeij. The Labyrinth was published by Europe against the Current at the time of their large pan-European manifestation in Amsterdam in september 1989.


Musicworks 41, 1988

An edition of the Canadian audio-magazine Musicworks with a concert recording of the Basque txalaparta musicians Ramuntxo Partarrieu and Txomin Larre.Recording and track description Fred Gales.


I Pigmei della fascia equatorial
Ludi sounds / Sound Reporters, 1988

Cassette with extensive booklet, mainly with recordings Louis Sarno made with the Ba Aka in the Central African republic. Track selection, texts, images Fred Gales. Production, translation, logistics Walter Maioli.


Hanga'r 3
Hanga'r, 1988

The third issue of the avant-garde Hungarian audio magazine Hanga'r. A magazine dedicated to experimental music and sound poetry. One side of the cassette contains a collage of 5 years of Sound Reporters recordings, some earlier published and some novelties. Mastering Fred Gales.

Egiali Amorgos

Sounds of Egiali-Amorgos
Sound Reporters, 1988

A cassette dedicated to the music and sounds of the Greek island Amorgos. The fieldrecordings of the music and the soundscape of the island were made by the Dutch painter Harry van Essen who lived there for several years. Recording, text, production Harry van Essen, mastering Fred Gales.

Bayaka harp songs

Bayaka harp songs
Anachron, 1987

The Bayaka harp songs were recorded in the Central African Republic by Louis Sarno. Originally the cassette was distributed by the reggae label Anachron, after its demise the distribution was taken over by Sound Reporters.

Peoples of Tibet

Peoples of Tibet
Ludi sounds / Sound Reporters, 1987

A cassette with extensive booklet documenting the music culture of the wider Tibetan area. The recordings were made in India and Nepal by among others Piero Verni. Sound Reporters was co-producer. Editor Walter Maioli.

Amazonian Indians

Amazonian Indians                                        
Ludi sounds / Sound Reporters, 1987

A cassette with extensive booklet documenting the music cultures of the Amazonian Indians with historical recordings, sound scapes but also recordings of the Carib Indian music and dance group Yamore. Production, texts, maps, recordings, track selection Fred Gales; recordings, track selection and visuals Walter Maioli; visuals Michaela Machiavelli; in cooperation with Pit Piccinelli. and Etto Krijger.

Living Archeology

Living Archeology - Sonorous Landscapes
Sound Reporters, 1987

A reconstruction of prehistoric music by Walter Maioli and friends in the Basura caves of Toirano in Italy. The recordings were made by Walter Slosse and partly broadcasted by the VPRO radio.

La region de la misterio

La regiòn del misterio
Olinkan C-005, 1987

"Lunar music, deep voices of nocturenal birds, ghostly sounds of solitude, a meditative journey to the interior of our being" is how Antonio Zepeda describes his compositions on this cassette. The music is performed on prehispanic and contemporary mexican Indian music instruments. Sound Reporters acted as European distributor.

Corazon del sol

Corazòn del sol
Olinkan C-004, 1987

Music of Antonio Zepeda inspired by the warrior cults of ancient Mesoamerica and performed on prehispanic and contemporary Indian music instruments.Sound Reporters acted as European distributor. Cassette

Templo Mayor

Templo Mayor
Olinkan C-001, 1982

Antonio Zepeda performs on prehispanic Mexican Indian instruments his compositions inspired by the Indian heritage of Mexico. Sound Reporters acted as European distributor.Cassette.


Sound Reporters, 1987

Traditional Carib Indian music performed by the music and dance group Yamore with an additional recording from a Sambura festival in Bigi Poika in Surinam. All Carib Indian music genres are represented: the Maraka songs of the Piaaiman - the shaman, the Karawasi songs of the women and the Sambura dance music. Recordings, text, production Fred Gales, Yamore, Awerukana and Walter Maioli.


Sound Reporters, 1987

Music, ceremonies, interviews and the soundscape of Tibet in exile recorded in Dharamasala by the Italian journalist and writer Piero Verni. One can hear among others a spectacular Fire Puja, a freedom demonstration, a short interview with the Dalai Lama and a discussion training for monks. Production, text and mastering Walter Maioli, Fred Gales.


A radiophonic installation of the stopera
Tjebbe van Tijen, Fred Gales, 1986

A live, improvised sound installation at the occasion of the official inauguration of the Amsterdam Opera building fusing the sounds of the construction of the building with sounds of the opening, the contemporary demonstration and riots, the police, radio, messages of the neighbours, music and sounds known for their ability to crumble walls. The ultimate art-action. A registration is avalaible as CD on demand.


Amsterdam: Sound Reporters, 1986

A fusion of ethnic and electronic music with compositions of Nirodh, Walter Maioli, Fred Gales, Raffaele Serra, John Zandijk and Edward Luyken.


Sound Reporters, 1986

Traditional and protest songs of the West Papuan music and dance ensemble Sampari under the musical leadership of Julian Nunaki. Recorded by Walter Slosse and Fred Gales at 'The End of the World" Amsterdam.


Sintonie telepatiche
Sound Reporters, 1986

An electronically derived tape collage of the Italian electronic music pioneer Raffaele Serra with the compositions Twilight Zones, Unglassed windows, Kodak Ghost Poems 1,2,3 and Window water baby moving.

Jakoba prieel

Het Jakoba Prieel
Sound Reporters, 1986

Electronic and Electro-accoustic compositions of Fred Gales recorded at the studios of the Institute of Sonology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Sonology at that period still had its classical analog electronic studios with their characteristic sound and the first generation custom made digital sound making devices.


Amazonia 6891
Sound Reporters, 1986

An improvised composition of Pit Piccinelli, Fred Gales and Walter Maioli using accoustic instruments from the Amazonian river area, field recordings of music and nature sounds from that region and electronic instruments.


Sound Reporters, 1985

A compilation of compositions of the Italian musician Walter Maioli performed between 1977 and 1985. A mix of studio and live recordings in which flutes, horns and reed instruments play a leading role.

Javakade 8485

Javakade 8485                                               
Amsterdam: Sound Reporters, 1985

A collage of music and sounds recorded at the 'End of the World' and its direct environment in Amsterdam in 1984 and 1985. Composed and mixed by Fred Gales and Walter Maioli.


Sound Reporters, 1984

An anthology of archaic vocal styles world wide illustrating the amazing diversity of human vocal music and the flexibility of the human voice. Most tracks come from at the period difficult to obtain records with some original field recordings and excerpts of radio broadcasts.